ProScience Tech as an integrator is able to ensure a broad range of activities from in-depth audits of technical and scientific processes to delivery, configuration and servicing of equipment, to complete implementation of highly demanding R&D projects.

Process audit

Well-managed research institutions and science centres must constantly monitor the efficiency of their on-going projects. ProScience Tech provides comprehensive audits of lab processes and overall scientific project from the perspective of technologies and resource allocations.

Our thorough knowledge of research needs enables us to prepare a strategy to guide your technological development in the right direction. When new processes and solutions are implemented, synergies are often disrupted, therefore ProScience Tech focuses also on hardware a software configuration and optimization.

Market research and evaluation

Prior to implementing scientific and research projects, the basic and key tool is independent market research. We implement an in-depth process and relationship audit for our Clients, and based on its outputs we suggest adequate solutions that suit science projects.

Market research is just as important for public procurement and tender bids. We implement comprehensive solutions for this process and provide our Clients with a competitive edge; we use our expertise to show Clients a realistic picture of the current market situations as well as market outlooks.

Consulting and references in the field of research technologies

Based on a detailed knowledge of our Clients projects and research plans, we are able to design adequate equipment and technologies. Our added value consists in demos and training based on projects implemented worldwide. In order to provide our Clients with an opportunity to get to know sophisticated technologies up close and personal, we organize specialized business travel for our Clients to get relevant lab information and references for their successful future practice.

We follow global benchmark of renowned scientific institutions in designing solutions for science and research institutions. This approach assures top global solutions to fit our Clients local needs.

Strategic consulting

In the world of science and research, it is vital to keep procurement-related processes under control both regarding consumption goods and capital investments in equipment and technologies. Regardless of whether you aim at a one time or a framework cooperation agreement, it is vital to be well familiar with the environment. ProScience Tech is a strong partner in the procurement process that shall assist you in formulating your requirements, designing effective selection criteria, in the overall procurement management, while taking into account all requirements of your science project. A vital part of our strategic consulting is our expertise of the REACH and GHS legislation.


Labs can only function well if fast and reliable deliveries of lab supplies, equipment and devices are secured. We pay a great attention to deliveries (products, auxiliary services) integration that enables our Clients to benefit from their supplier chain. An integrated approach provides our Clients with tangible cost savings and efficient meeting of their objectives in the field of science and research.

Our added value consists also in a comprehensive after-sale consulting in assessing options, designing an effective solution, training, applying quotes or references.

Technology transfer

We provide our Clients with business contacts and references of partners who shall provide you with professional consulting in implementing your projects. Our approach emphasizes consulting to suit our Clients scientific needs based on a detailed knowledge of the market: the objective is to provide our Clients with the right contacts and references.

Our services are comprehensive in nature: we provide our Clients with assistance also in designing and founding of scientific and research centres and parks. Based on our knowledge of the scientific environment, as well as licensing and patenting processes, we help to enhance the quality of strategic plans of Companies, thus capitalizing their research outcomes.